Resealable Static Shielding Cushion Bags

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Featured on this page is just a sampling of our resealable static shielding cushion bags. We have many standard products in stock and we can custom manufacturer other products. Call us at (888)353-9732 to discuss you needs or click here for more contact details.

resealable static shielding bag

Cushion and protect items from electrostatic discharge (ESD) with our resealable static shielding pouches. Tested to meet or exceed the the requirements of MIL-B-81705C Type III and EOS/ESD Standards.


resealable static shielding bag 9083 Static Shield Zip Close Cushion Bags
resealable static shielding bag 9073 Static Shield Cushion Pouch, Flap Closure
resealable static shielding bag 2084 Static Dissipative Zip Close Cushion Bag
resealable static shielding bag  Custom Multi-Layer Bags    Bench and Field Service Cushion Pouch
resealable static shielding bag 9083DKLF Static Shield / Amine Free, Static Dissipative Lead-Free Zip Close Cushion Bag
resealable static shielding bag  
 resealable static shielding bag 9073DKLF Static Shield / Amine-Free Static Dissipative Lead-Free Cushion Pouch, Lip Closure
resealable static shielding bag  9083 Static Shield Zip Close Cushion Bags

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